Adams Australia is partnered with the Adams Group; a family owned and vertically integrated agricultural commodities firm headquartered in Northern California, USA. Fueled by progressive thought and recognising the value of innovation, Adams Group companies swiftly adapt operations and practices to meet the agricultural market’s ever-changing demands.

A proud tradition of innovation and success spanning five generations and over 100 years, the Adams Group has seen the business grow to include Adams Grain, Adams Vegetable Oils Inc, Adams Trucking, and Adams Seed. Adams Australia work closely with our US counterparts in Adams Vegetable oils and Adams Grain  for both import and export of oil and grain.

Adams Grain
Adams Grain Company is the original Company founded in the 1920’s by David Adams Sr., trading mainly malting barley grown in the Sacramento Valley, California, to the exporters in the San Francisco Bay region. The business has grown significantly with every generation and excels in farmer and customer relationships, traceability, quality control, IP segregation and organic supply chains. Adams Grain has two large 100% Non GMO cleaning plants with grain available as cleaned, uncleaned, bagged or bulk.

Adams Vegetable Oils Inc
Founded in 1991 to supply the European and domestic markets with high quality safflower oil, Adams Vegetable Oil Inc. has evolved into a leading processor and marketer of specialty vegetable oils worldwide. Conventional and organic oils are sold both in export and domestic markets to a diverse client base with applications in edible, pharmaceutical, industrial and cosmetic products.

Adams Vegetable Oil Inc sources oil-seeds from South America, North America, China, Europe, Africa and Australia. They also have sales offices in the USA, Europe, China and Australia.

Please feel free to contact the Adams Australia team for any information on Adams Group products that you may wish to source.