Wheat Wayne

Wheat is the largest grain crop in Australia, grown throughout southern and eastern regions of the country.  Australian wheat is highly valued for its excellent performance over a wide range of food products. It is especially well regarded by flour millers for its low moisture content, low screenings (cleanliness), soundness (high falling numbers), white bran coat, high flour yield with low ash, as well as excellent noodle colour and colour stability.

Adams Australia has access to all grades of Australian wheat and is committed in ensuring our wheat meets the highest standards in quality and performance required by our international and domestic customers.

Packaging: bulk in containers, or bulk in truck.

Varieties and Grades

Australian Prime Hard (APH) – Australian Prime Hard is a high protein milling wheat with exceptional milling quality resulting in strong and balanced  dough properties. ideally suited to high-volumebreads, fresh ramen, dry white salted noodles, and wonton skins.

Australian Hard (AH) – Australian Hard consists of white, hard grained wheat varieties selected for their superior milling and dough qualities. Suitable for range of baked products, including Middle Eastern style flat breads, white noodles and steamed breads.

Australian Premium White (APW) – The Australian Premium White class is made up of white, hard grained wheat varieties with good milling properties. It is is used to produce a wide variety of breads including Middle Eastern flat and pocket breads.It is also suitable for a range of Asian noodles and is widely used for good quality instant noodles.

Australian Standard White (ASW) – The Australian Standard White class consists of hard, white grained wheat varieties. It is excellent value for either straight milling or blending purposes.  Used for a range of baked products including Middle Eastern, Iranian and Indian style breads . It is also suitable for steamed bread products and instant noodles.

Australian Noodle Wheat (ANW) – Australian Noodle wheat varieties must meet specific quality requirements for udon noodles, including flour colour, colour stability and excellent mouthfeel. Normally blended with APNW.

Australian Premium White Noodle (APWN) – Australian Premium White Noodle is a specialty wheat with excellent starch and colour properties. It is well suited to blending with ANW for premium udon noodles and a range of other noodle types.

Australian Soft (ASFT) –  Australian soft  is a unique blend of white, soft-grained wheat varieties ideally suited to sweet products including cakes, biscuits (cookies), pastries and confectionery. It can also used for
Asian steamed products.

Australian Premium Durum (ADR) – Australian Premium Durum is very hard grained with vitreous and amber coloured kernels. It is ideally suited for a wide range of wet and dry pasta products with excellent colour and shelf life. Can also be used for couscous and semolina.